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Technical translator, engineer and transcreator

Translation requires not only excellent linguistic skills, but also the ability to understand the subject of the text to be translated. In this way, the mumbo jumbo that results from literal translation is avoided.

My education as a mechanical engineer and a translator enables me to provide you with a quality translation/proofreading/editing service for all your technical documents.

Since establishing by business in July 2006, I have acquired extensive experience in translating, proofreading and editing a wide variety of documents (user's and maintenance guides, standards...), particularly in the mechanical and energy fields.

I have also taken part in many "transcreation" projects (advertisement adaptation), that often require more creativity and reactivity than translation projects. Word-by-word translation disasters are more obvious in advertising than in any other activity. It is thus even more necessary to get the essence from the original text to provide a better adaptation in the target language.

Quality and speed translation for a reasonable price

Is your project urgent? The answer is obvious, they all are! That is why I try my hardest to always offer you the shortest possible deadlines, and I consider it my duty to respect them.

For longer projects, we can also set a timeline together for staggering delivery. You are then guaranteed that the most urgent parts or documents will be processed in a timely manner.

If I cannot meet your deadline, I can get help from other freelance translators whom I trust. For the sake of transparency, however, I will always inform you of such cases and of the status of your project.

As for the price, it depends on many criteria, such as the text's repetitivity, its technicity or the initial file format. In any case, I will send you a detailed quote, offering the most accurate pricing in comparison to the service provided.

Why choose a freelance translator?

The countless translation agencies around the world offer you the same service, why should you go for a freelance translator?

The main advantage is that you skip the very often useless middleman, hence cutting down the price for the service. Some agencies offer very low prices, but this is usually balanced by lower quality.

Where an agency cannot ensure the qualification of all its suppliers, a freelance can only count on continuous quality if he wants to keep his clients and make his living.

Since I work together with other freelance translators, I can offer you a complete translation and proofreading service, whatever the length or the degree of urgency of your documents.

I will also be pleased to direct you, to the possible extent, to a competent translator in the fields and languages I do not master.

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