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Computer Aided Translation Software

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) applications, not to mistake with Machine Translation (MT) like Babelfish or Google Translation, ensure better terminology and syntax consistency of the translated text, while speeding up the translation process. This kind of software is based on Translation Memories including previously translated texts.

There are many different CAT applications. I am using the following ones:

Terminology resources

Against a widespread belief, a translator is not a living dictionary. Even the most experienced translators stumble on terms or expressions they do not know or they cannot easily find a proper equivalent for. Therefore, one must use reliable terminology resources.

Here are the tools I often use to this end.

  • Client's website and glossaries
      The best information sources, since they guarantee consistency with the corporate terminology.
  • General dictionaries
  • Technical dictionaries
  • Google
      Google is very useful to check a term's translation, its context in French, or to find a drawing explaning how a device operates.
  • Translator communities
    • Proz and Translators café
      Two portals aimed at translators and translation clients, featuring forums and mutual aid systems for terminology research, among others.
  • Professionals
      If the deadline allows it, I also get help from people working in the relevant field of activity.

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