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For your company to get
the lion’s share,
give it wings.

Projects achieved

Here is a list of the projects I accomplished during my three first years of activity. Unfortunately, I do not have time to keep it updated any longer, but it gives you an overview of my skills.

Building (more than 258000 words processed)


  • report on various aspects of a building project for a household waste processing center   (08-2006)
  • standard on installations conveying water   (11-2006)
  • standards on building energy performance   (12-2006)
  • standards on building heating systems   (01-2007)
  • standards on building heating systems   (03-2007)
  • calls for tender for the building of a power plant   (08-2007)
  • article on a project for renovation of a historical building for a house organ   (09-2007)
  • standard on cements and limes   (01-2008)
  • general technical requirements for the building of a power plant   (03-2008)
  • article on a building's construction works   (03-2008)
  • standard on cements testing methods   (04-2008)
  • several articles on diverse construction works   (04-2008)
  • particular purchasing conditions for the building of an industrial installation   (07-2008)
  • series of standards on road marking products   (10-2008)
  • comments on a bid for providing and installing a VHV electric cable   (11-2008)
  • diverse articles on several construction works for a house organ   (01-2009)
  • article on the renovation of a building's fa├žade   (01-2009)
  • minutes of a meeting concerning fire protection devices in a nuclear power plant   (01-2009)
  • article on inspection and maintenance of the cable stays for a bridge   (01-2009)
  • presentation document for two stay cable systems   (03-2009)
  • presentation brochure for an anchor bolt system   (03-2009)
  • articles on the rehabilitation of a church   (03-2009)
  • presentation brochure for a tie rod system   (04-2009)
  • diverse articles on several construction projects for a house organ   (04-2009)


  • leaflet for a fire door series   (07-2008)
  • five technical documents concerning fire door series   (08-2008)

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